Second Co-creation workshop ASAP 2023 in Portugal

20/10/2023 | News, Portugal | 0 commenti

Second co-creation workshop in Porto, Portugal

The ASAP project, an Erasmus+ funded initiative, recently held its second Co-Creation Workshop at Porto Lusófona University Centre.

This event, part of a broader effort involving partners from five countries, focused on exploring the role of social media as a democratic space. The workshop spanned three days, with discussions centered on how digital media and social networks can foster citizenship among young people, particularly in the Portuguese educational context.

The ASAP project is fundamentally about fostering conscious digital and social media use among pre-adolescents, enhancing their understanding of media’s impact on their internal and external worlds​

CICANT, research institute of LUSOFONA University, based in Lisbon, Portugal, is a partner in the ERASMUS+ project, ASAP (A Systemic AProach to social media and pre-adolescents through thinking skills education).

Read more on CICANT blog post here.

The first co-creation workshop was hosted by our Slovenian partner, DOBA (read more here).

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