First ASAP co-creation workshop in Maribor, Slovenia

30/04/2023 | News, Slovenia | 0 commenti

DOBA Business School is a partner in the ERASMUS+ project, ASAP (A Systemic AProach to social media and pre-adolescents through thinking skills education). The project addresses the use of social networking sites among adolescents aged 11–13 in relation to the dangers they face (cyberbullying, violence or abuse).

As part of the project, DOBA Business School organised a workshop on 15 March 2023, which was attended not only by representatives of the project partners, but also by external experts and representatives of primary schools (assistant principal, teachers, counsellors). The aim of the workshop was to work together with external experts and representatives of primary schools to identify the key challenges and needs related to the promotion of responsible use of the Internet and social networking sites, and to co-design possible actions and ways to address these challenges. Due to the international composition of the workshop, it was held in English.

In the morning, we held a round table discussion on “Digital education and cyberbullying prevention: existing situation, challenges, and needs in the Slovenian school context”. The following experts participated as speakers:

  • Prof. Maja Vičič Krabonja from the Maribor Secondary School of Economics,
  • Maja Vreča, expert associate from the Centre for Internet Security and an employee of Arnes,
  • Boris Veler from Logout, Centre for Digital Wellbeing, and
  • Assistant Professor Dr Benjamin Lesjak from the Faculty of Management of the University of Primorska


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