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Second co-creation workshop in Porto, Portugal

CICANT, research institute of LUSOFONA University, based in Lisbon, Portugal, is a partner in the ERASMUS+ project, ASAP (A Systemic AProach to social media and pre-adolescents through thinking skills education).

The already significant digital transformation experienced over the last 30 years has been given a strong boost by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s school kids are not only digital natives; they were also forced for almost two years to move most of their daily learning and relational activities to online platforms. Digital spaces are, therefore, increasingly institutionalised even among children and in the school context.

ASAP addresses digital transformation from the onset age by fostering a conscious use of digital and social media in kids (namely pre-adolescents). The project works on metacognitive skills aiming to develop the kids’ understanding of how media shape and transform the relation between the inner and the outside world. Digital transformation will not end; therefore, kids need to develop skills related to awareness, metacognition, and abstraction, linked to thought and critical thinking, thus building resilience and capacity to feel at home in changes. Read more on CICANT blog post here.

As part of the ASAP project, CICANT will host out next co-creation workshop, in September 2023. The first one was hosted by our Slovenian partner, DOBA (read more here).

Exciting news and collaboration ahead.

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