ASAP Project Uncovered: Shaping Critical Thinkers in the Digital Age

1/03/2024 | Italy, News | 0 commenti

In our latest video, we take you inside the school of Bresso, where the ASAP project’s Collaborative Editorial Board is actively engaged in redefining educational approaches through digital literacy.
This project, part workshop and part laboratory, focuses on equipping students with critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills essential for using social media, but also for their future.

As stated by the school teachers, by integrating digital tools into the learning process, the initiative aims to transform students’ approach to digital media from fear to empowerment, highlighting the positive potential of these technologies.

Digital literacy needs in schools: gathering data

Digital literacy needs in schools: gathering data

DOBA University has recently expanded its efforts within the ASAP project by initiating activities in schools in Slovenia to gather data and conduct field research on the relationship between preadolescents and social media. This final phase of the project research is...