Interview with Elena Chekorova on digital literacy needs in schools

28/08/2023 | News, Slovenia | 0 commenti

An insightful interview with Elena Chekorova teacher at the primary school Osnovna šola Cerkvenjak – Vitomarci, during ASAP co-creation workshop, in Maribor, Slovenia.

Learn more about ASAP innovative initiative, supported by the European Union ERASMUS Plus programme, and discover how it aims to empower young individuals and all the school community to navigate social media effectively.

For more information about the ASAP project, visit the project website

Digital literacy needs in schools: gathering data

Digital literacy needs in schools: gathering data

DOBA University has recently expanded its efforts within the ASAP project by initiating activities in schools in Slovenia to gather data and conduct field research on the relationship between preadolescents and social media. This final phase of the project research is...