Exploring the impact of Social Media on identity and body perception: video interview with Dr. Simone Digennaro

20/06/2023 | News | 0 commenti

In this thought-provoking discussion, Dr. Digennaro sheds light on the intriguing relationship between means-ends expressed on social media. He discusses how social media influences the identity, both digital and real, of young individuals.

At minute 3:27, he delves deeper into the topic, as Dr. Digennaro shares his perspective on the purpose social media serves in shaping the identity of today’s youth. Uncover the significant role that social media plays in their lives and the effects it has on their sense of self.

Continuing the conversation at minute 4:57, he explores the fascinating changes in body perception, both in the digital realm and real life. Dr. Digennaro provides valuable insights into how social media platforms impact young people’s perception of their own bodies, examining the evolving standards and trends in beauty and appearance.

Learn more about ASAP innovative initiative, supported by the European Union, and discover how it aims to empower young individuals to navigate social media effectively.

For more information about the ASAP project, visit the project website https://www.socialmediakids.eu/.

Digital literacy needs in schools: gathering data

Digital literacy needs in schools: gathering data

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