Introducing the ASAP Project

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Addressing digital and social media literacy for kids and school community

As technology continues to advance, digital media has become an integral part of our daily lives, especially for children who are growing up in a digital age. With this in mind, the ASAP Project aims to foster a conscious use of digital and social media in kids by developing their metacognitive skills. The project recognises that digital transformation will continue to shape our world, and kids need to develop skills related to awareness, metacognition, and critical thinking to build resilience and feel at home in changes.

The ASAP Project works towards creating a school community that not only speaks through social media but also about social media. The project promotes authentic intergenerational dialogue that allows kids to claim their expertise on social media, and adults to redefine their mediator role of kid’s knowledge and emotions.

The project emphasises inclusion, diversity, and the awareness of the psychological aspects involved in the use of social media. It aims to prevent discrimination and promote diversity, respect, and plurality by developing awareness and empathy through metacognitive activities. The ASAP Project also addresses several key competencies, including Digital, Literacy, Personal & Social, Citizenship, Cultural Awareness & Expression competences.

Most importantly, the project addresses the Learning-to-Learn Key Competence, which involves metacognition. Metacognition strengthens kids’ ability to think about their actions on social media and prevents impulsive behavior and disquiet in surfing the internet.

The project recognises that reflection on learning is essential, and Learning-to-Learn is one of the eight Key Competences for Lifelong Learning.

The project objectives include providing a broader, transdisciplinary understanding of the complex phenomenon of digital and social media, promoting specific research on pre-adolescents and studying their relationship with digital and social media, supporting the responsibility of the school community in addressing the digital and social media literacy needs through structural, non-contingent approaches and reforms, promoting the creation of inclusive school contexts enabling the well-being of the school community.

Overall, the ASAP Project addresses the educational needs of kids’ social media literacy through metacognition, aiming to develop their understanding of how media shape and transform the relation between the inner and the outside world.

The project promotes a conscious and critical use of digital and social media in kids, while fostering an inclusive school community that values diversity and respects plurality.

Digital literacy needs in schools: gathering data

Digital literacy needs in schools: gathering data

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