The experience of Portuguese school librarians in digital skills education

18/12/2023 | News, Portugal | 0 commenti

In Portugal librarian teachers (often referred to as school librarians or teacher-librarians) play a pivotal role in promoting and enhancing digital skill education in schools.

During our co-creation workshop in Portugal we have learned about their experience.

School librarians are integrating (and some have already integrated) social media platforms into their educational approach, working towards enhancing kids’ digital and transversal competencies, by incorporating these tools into the school library curriculum. Another important point is working closely in collaboration with teachers and school staff, to promote conscious social media use.

These efforts reflect a holistic approach to digital education, adapting to the evolving digital landscape and the unique needs of their educational community.

Here’s a general overview of how librarian teachers in Portugal may contribute to increasing
digital skill education

  1. Digital Resource Management: Librarian teachers curate and manage a collection of digital resources, such as e-books, online journals, and educational websites, making them easily accessible for students and teachers. When needed they train and assist teachers and the school community.
  2. Digital Literacy Workshops: They often conduct workshops or training sessions on topics like safe internet usage, recognizing credible online sources, and using digital tools for research.
  3. Collaboration with Classroom Teachers: Librarian teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to integrate digital skills into the curriculum. This can involve co-designing lessons, recommending digital resources, or co-teaching certain topics.
  4. Creating Digital Spaces: Modern libraries in Portugal might include areas equipped with digital tools like computers, tablets, and possibly even coding kits or 3D printers. Librarian teachers guide students in using these digital tools effectively.
  5. Teaching Information Literacy: In the digital age, information literacy overlaps significantly with digital literacy. Librarian teachers teach students how to find, evaluate, and use information effectively, especially in online environments.
  6. Professional Development: They themselves are often engaged in continuous professional development to stay updated with the latest digital tools and teaching methods.
  7. Supporting Safe Digital Practices: Librarian teachers educate students about issues like digital footprints, online privacy, and cyberbullying, social media use and misuse, ensuring they have the knowledge to navigate the digital world safely.
  8. Engaging with the Community: Librarian teachers might also organize events or workshops for parents and the wider school community, promoting the importance of digital skills beyond the school environment.

Specific contributions of librarian teachers can vary based on the school’s resources, the persons involved and the community’s needs.

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